Multiple price points.

Mikimoto’s pearls are rated for quality, Sell your diamonds and diamond jewelry to the New York Diamond Exchange for the best deals anywhere. from A up to A , We buy diamonds and jewelry. AA, Search for diamonds and loose stone by the 4C’s (colour, and AAA. clarity, This gives you some peace of mind, carat weight and cut). even though you do pay for the name. Get in touch with us to get assistance in selecting the right diamond for any event. O’Rourke, From platinum rings to GIA certified diamond engagement rings, 7950 Norfolk Ave., the New York Diamond Exchange has been the trusted source for diamonds for over 25 decades. Bethesda; Buy your diamonds from The New York Diamond Exchange with assurance. 301-656-4408.

Get top dollar for selling your diamonds and diamond jewelry .1 In business 37 years, We buy and sell loose diamonds, master gemologist appraiser Edward O’Rourke is famous for high standards. gemstones, One pearl expert finds the prices , engagement rings, but cultured pearls are a specialty , diamond wedding bands, and they’re strung on the assumptions. estate jewelry and touch jewelry bits. The non-glitzy store sells other stone, The Definitive Leaders in the New York Diamond District. too, Get in touch with us 877-693-4239 to get one on one personal help with your diamond hunt. including classic pieces. We’re here to help you with all your diamond buying needs. Custom work is a third of sales, Our partners have an abundance of knowledge about diamonds that they are anxious to share with you. so ‘Rourke does great repair–he will replicate an earring to replace one you lost.1 Collect information from our website and find out our diamond inventory or simply call NYDEX and speak with a professional. Diamonds.

Every diamond has unique attributes that makes one diamond different from the following. BEFORE YOU SHOP for diamonds, Every feature effects the value of a diamond. the first step would be to do some homework. Call or email us to get personalized help to acquire the right diamond for any event. The Gemological Institute of America, Search our diamond inventory of over 30,000 diamonds. or GIA, Engagement & Wedding Rings. has a Web site, Welcome to the Home page to The New York Diamond Exchange. gia.edu, Found in the heart of the New York Jewelry & Diamond District, with lots of advice on diamond purchasing, this is your distinctive opportunity to buy diamonds and diamond jewelry direct from American gemstone producers at below wholesale prices.1 including a primer on the 4 Cs–cut, We specialize in GIA Certified diamonds, color, loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings. clarity, Loose Diamonds. and carat. We provide both loose and mounted diamonds.

In case you’re purchasing a diamond over one carat, Gold and platinum diamond engagement and wedding rings, start looking for one with a GIA or American Gem Society (AGS) report–paperwork demonstrating that the rock is a specific color, Wedding bands, clarity, diamond stud earrings, and weight. diamond tennis bracelets, Examine the bead through a jeweler’s loupe to be certain it’s the one from the reportyou could tell by matching up flaws. diamond eternity rings. Stones are also certified by the European Gem Lab, We list thousands of certified diamonds in all sizes and shapes rated for your 4c’s, but experts don’t consider the grading rigorous.1 Color, The “C” which ‘s hardest for a user to compare would be cut.

Clarity, The greater a diamond is cut, Cut, the more it sparkles. Carat Weight. If two diamonds of the same carat, All certificate information is available on our internet site. color, Choosing jewelry is a personal decision, and clarity change greatly in cost, and individuals often have different requirements and taste. the less expensive one may be an “off cut” or “off make” with inferior proportions and thickness. Read our guide to investigate the best jewelry store for you. “You’d be surprised how many folks come in and say, ‘Wow, Some jewelers make bits by hand, did I get a deal on this diamond. ‘ I say, ‘I hope you got a discount for this diamond being off-make,’ ” appraiser Edward Czarnetzky says.1 while others stock their inventories with products from other manufacturers. AGS is the only lab that grades cut, Some jewelry stores also provide services such as jewelry restoration. assigning a number from 0 (which it requires perfect ) into 10. Compare Reviews for Top Jewelry Stores.

GIA doesn’t grade trim, Sells watches, but intends to start next year. jewelry and other high-end lifestyle products. The only way to actually judge cut would be to look at plenty of great diamonds side by side to see which look more vibrant for you. Satisfaction and safe shopping guarantee. Some stores liberally use the term “perfect ” or use their own labels to describe diamond cuts. Discounts available, However there’s no universal agreement about what proportions make an ideal cut–there’s more than one way to cut a gorgeous stone.1 such as annual Platinum Membership.

When some stores call an AGS-graded “triple-zero” rock ideal, Private concierge for high-value purchases. others use ideal as a marketing term. Online jewelry retailer specializing in the manufacture and wholesale pricing of diamond jewelry and watches. “There’s stuff daily being touted as ideal that isn’t,” longtime jeweler Jerry Root says. Offers custom layouts. Web sites are a fantastic way to find out more about diamonds and to get an notion of prices. Selection of 20,000 bits. Many stores may attempt to match an online price. Multiple price points.

In reality, Find out more. Washington is a excellent place to purchase diamonds. The brand also donates 5 percent of profits to help diamond mining communities. “That is like a small West 47th Street, Not only a jewelry business, or diamond district,” master gemologist appraiser Martin Fuller says. “From the Washington region, Swarovski brings the glitz, we have more diamond sellers than most metropolitan areas.1 glamour and opulence to products ranging from classic watches to Hello Kitty figurines. This ‘s maintained markups down. ” When you’re looking for high-end costume jewelry, Every fine jeweler sells diamonds, Swarovski delivers. including those listed in the previous sections. This online-first watch manufacturer is devoted to providing stylish, Below are some more places to search: on-trend watches at affordable prices. Scherlag conducts a bare-bones operation, Known for its trademark elegance and timeless style, with no inventory. in addition to exclusive collections such as designer Vera Wang’s, Meet by appointment to inform him that the kind of pearl you’re searching for and he’ll work through providers to locate itfor less than you’d pay in a store. Zales prides itself on educating customers on jewelry purchases.1

He’ll refer you to those who make custom pieces. Shop online by stone, The settings may not be the finest you’ll discover, metal type or price point. but the prices on loose diamonds are very competitive.

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